Three-Way Creations, LLC main focus is on designing and installing landscape for their customers that can be enjoyed for years. From the simplest plantings to the most intricate retaining walls and water features, our experienced team will provide the knowledge and expertise to see your project to completion. 

Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting can literally shine the spotlight on your landscape design. In fact, some aspects of your landscaping take on a special beauty at night, if properly illuminated. Landscape lighting also improves nighttime safety and security, lighting up walkways and deterring burglars. 

Seeding & Sodding


We use sod to establish a lawn quickly and avoid soil erosion, or sod can be used to repair a small area of lawn that has died. It takes some weeks to form a visually appealing lawn, and further time before it is robust enough for use. Newly laid sod is usually fully functional within 30 days of installation and its root system is comparable to that of a seeding lawn two or three years older. 

Lawn Care


  Three-Way Creations, LLC. provides a 5-Step lawn care program to make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. Applications can be customized to fit your yard's needs. Mow regularly at the appropriate height to minimize weed pressure.



Shrub Trimming, Pruning, and Spring Clean-Up - Keep your landscaping looking nice is just one call away - Call: 618-654-6420

Referral Program


When referring us to your friend they need only commit to our 5 step Fertilizing & Weed Control Program for one year or Weekly Lawn Maintenance. In doing so, you will receive your next years 5 step plan at $100 off the price for one year!